We’re honoured to feature Thinkwild Studios’ work on “Sim-patia,” an animated short aimed to boost volunteerism and fundraising for non-profits. Using poetic visual language, this video tackles delicate social themes while encouraging action. Thinkwild Studios combines professionalism, passion, and artistic flair to create emotionally resonant content that amplifies the cause it represents.



PRODUCTION: Thinkwild Studios
Client: Sim-patia
Producer: Rossana Giacomelli
Director: Carlos Gómez-Mira
Script: Rossana Giacommeli
Art Director: Paula Checa
Animation: Jose Guimaray & Carlos Gómez-Mira
Illustration: Paula Checa
3D: Borja Gómez Orellana
Rotoscopy: Borja Gómez Orellana, Nicolas Pérez-Enciso,
Paula Checa, Carlos Gómez-Mira, Eduardo Bomant
Sound: Thinkwild Studios