Dive into the heartwarming narrative of Vuela, a tale of a bird with a stunted wing, unable to migrate. The arrival of Pío-Pío, a helpless chick, reignites his zest for life, leading to a journey of self-discovery and unexpected flight.

This touching narrative didn’t just flutter across the screen but soared into the hearts of audiences, garnering acclaim during its remarkable festival run. The pinnacle of its journey was a nomination for the Best Animated Short at the esteemed Goya awards, a testament to the profound impact and artistic excellence of “Vuela.” See the full award nominations, as we celebrate a story that resonates with the indomitable spirit of hope and the essence of unexpected friendships.

Director: Carlos Gómez-Mira
Script: Rossana Giacomelli
3D: Borja Gómez-Orellana
Art Director: Paula Checa
Editor: Carlos Gómez-Mira
Music: Jaime Summers
Sound Mixing: Rav Sound Solutions