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Gallery about Desolation reflects this intensely claustrophobic feeling of being trapped and the desire to break out and escape. Jumping between the vast open fields and wide spaces of outdoors, to the four claustrophobic walls of the home, Sam Salter (Matthew Bourne’s SWAN LAKE) transitions between these two opposing worlds in a never-ending loop. It’s..


Gallery about Director: Yury Sharov Producer: Artur Oganesov Cinematographer: Igor Kiselev Executive Producer: Ashot Kazaryan Camera: Red Epic + LOMO Anamorphic video


Gallery ABOUT Expectations don’t always turn out to be true, however convinced one might be. We are limited to our experiences and believes, but until we dare and go for it, there is no way to break the stigma – whatever it is you deem as such. #4682B4 Video